A Quick Note on How to Think About Social Media

A question was posted on LinkedIn that I wanted to share my answer with you. The question was about the integration of social medial into your marketing plan.

There are things that Social Media cannot do. The biggest misconceptions that people tend to buy into are that it replaces traditional marketing and PR, everyone should be involved, and the affects it really has.

Social media is a commitment, you need to know why you’re doing it, what you want to gain from it, understand its strengths and weaknesses and know that no matter what your long-term goals are, Social Media is about short term action. Tweets and Facebook posts are great for the potential they hold and the value they communicate, but realistically are soon forgotten. The more you post the sooner that post is forgotten, the less you post the harder it is to remember who you are. Social media needs to be done in conjunction with other things, as a support system, not relied upon.
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