Absurd Idea--Pike Place Fish Market

I saw Jim Bergquist give a presentation where he spoke about creativity and innovation. Here are a few nuggests I would like to share with you . . . along with my own comments of course!

In order to create something you need to be able to create nothing because creation is something from nothing” was one of Jim’s statements. All too often companies want to fix or change what they already have, but what they really need is to start over—to create something from nothing. Starting over is a very scary thing to do and it has the potential to bring a person to their knees, so you can imagine what it does to a company! While yes it is a big risk, but there are no limits to what you can create from nothing (except the ones you set). Take that risk before a problem becomes a nightmare and save yourself and the company from everything that is at stake by waiting.

Create the future from the future instead of the past,” Jim continues. Here is one topic that I have never understood, setting goals is about writing down and committing to what you would like to achieve, right? So why would you base you or your company’s future success on past successes and failures? Past failures and successes end up being learns or things that you have experienced. Do you want to relive what you have already experienced or would you like to create new experiences? In order to grow and move forward, we need to be challenged and create new experiences. How would your company be different if the goals you selected were based on the future instead of the past? How would business be different if all companies selected goals based on the future instead of the past?

At one point, Jim was speaking about experience, which got me thinking. Yes, life is about choices. We have the opportunity to choose what we will experience and what our experiences will be like. It is great to choose to accept this responsibility, but what about those times when our experience is determined or influenced by someone else? When another person has this control, it has a dramatic impact on how we perceive the experience.

Since we are such giving creatures, we end up giving them 100% of the credit. Think about it, when was the last time you had a great experience with a company? What made it so great? Most likely, it involved an employee making you feel like you were the only customer in the world. Now when was the last time you had a bad experience? Again, most likely, that experience also involved an employee. However, this employee was less than accommodating and you probably perceived them as incompetent, which led you to judge the company as being so as well. Your employees have a direct impact on how your customers experience your company, your products and your services. This experience has a strong influence over your customer.

Will they become a repeat customer, will they refer you, or will they stay with your service at all.
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