Go To Jail. Directly to Jail and Do Not Pass Go!

I spent a day in jail! Well the day was really just a couple of hours and the jail was really a bunch of plastic pipes put together to look like a cell and the jail, well that was actually a winery where they had lunch and of course wine ready and waiting. So I have to admit that my time ‘in jail’ was quite enjoyable.

My experience with the MDA and raising money for Jerry’s Kids was very pleasant. They were organized, made it fun, and it was easy to participate. From the time they originally contacted me; they played up the legal aspect and were always pleasant to talk to. Every other week, I either received a phone call from my parole officer or an email with tips on how to raise money. The emails normally consisted of a personalized note, some random and fun picture of someone or something in jail and already written letters to send to people to explain how their donation will help the organization.

A friend and local business owner Valari Jackson participated in the event with me, so we arranged it that we would be arrested together. A local car dealer donated all of the vehicles used to pick up the jailbirds. Military officers arrested the jailbirds and one of the lady’s who benefits from the MDA was the judge that you had to plead your case to!

Upon arrival, you had to plead your case to the judge and though she was having a wonderful time, she seemed to throw everyone in jail! Pictures were taken and lunch was served. We were able to network with other businesses, enjoy our lunch and wine and even make calls to request bail money. We had a pleasant surprise when two peacocks showed up at the door. Apparently they live at the winery and are very friendly. I was able to touch them and we were told they will eat out of your hand—but no one present had any idea of what to feed them.

During our time there, the parole officers came around and introduced themselves to us. They answered any questions we had and asked for suggestions to make the event even easier for our participation next year. The only suggestion that I was able to come up with was they needed to provide a short blurb about the MDA and Jerry’s Kids so we as jailbirds could speak about it, intelligently that is.

At the end of the event, they were able to raise $30,000 for the local branch. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and money to make this event a great success!
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