Caveman Customer Service

On a recent trip to Pennsylvania, it did not take long for me to realize that I was not in the northwest coast anymore! The northwest has a continual experience of sincere customer service. Where the employees truly want to help you, they talk to you and they even know something about the place they work—what a novel idea!
I went out to eat at a local diner which I have been to before. The guy that seated us, never said “hello”, asked how many, or looked us in the eye, he simply grabbed two menus and motioned for us to follow him. Apparently instead of traveling to the other side of the country I traveled back in time to visit cavemen. Upon arriving at our table, he chucked the menus on the table and cut left—never saying a word to us! This guy clearly has done this before, because no one batted an eye and nothing was knocked over on the table.

I just stood there for a second and watched him. Did this guy really do what I thought he did? He must have because the menus were on the table right where they landed and the host (I am using that term very loosely) was gone. If I would’ve been by myself or with my husband, I would have turn around and left.

The first person that a customer speaks to or interacts with at your company sets the stage for their expectations of your company. Regardless of if they are a new customer or a returning customer that first interaction every time can make or break the future deal. Even though I have been to this place before, these caveman actions are now burned into my head.

Will I go back? Probably not.

Do they care? If they did, this never would have happened!

How do you greet your customers, both new and returning?
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