It Isn’t Easy Being A Green Company

I was doing some running around yesterday and was driving behind a truck marked with the company’s information. Predominately displayed were the company’s logo, name, contact information, and a few promotional comments. Sounds normal and appropriate, right?

Well after noticing the imaging on the truck, a disposable coffee cup and lid came flying out of the driver-side window. While there are many issues with this scenario, the biggest one is that this is a company that promotes itself as ‘green.’

This is a prime example of marketing and brand imagery simply being words and images on paper or in this case, a truck. A company is responsible for the message, perception, and images that it projects. While the market has the freedom to interpret these based on what message is communicated and how.

Now after seeing this, do you really think that I believe this company is ‘green?’ Promoting the green label may provide you an increase of leads, but actions like this one are going to cause the market to question your ability to be honest.
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