Who Can You Trust More, People or Processes?

This is where a lot of companies go wrong and they don't even realize it. They come to the determination that it is “people vs. process”. Which one should be trusted over the other? It's not about "people" vs. "processes". It never was nor will it ever be!

The processes are only as good as the people performing them and the people are only as good as the processes in place. Instead, it is about how the two influence each other.

The people need to have the support and freedom to modify, improve, and create processes as needed in an ever changing world because what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.  The processes need to be efficient and have the right people performing them.

Business is not about creating an environment of drones, it is about creation, innovation and evolution. If the culture does not support those things then the company will fall into the trap of “who/what should be trusted more?”
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