5 Social Media Success Tips for Construction Companies

Q. Are construction companies using social media in their business? Does it work?

Yes I am seeing a lot of construction companies using social media. Some are more successful at it than others, but that is true with anything.

There are a few things you need to consider:
  1. Social media is a commitment, just like any other kind of outreach you/your company has done in the past. Setting up the accounts and not doing anything else doesn't work.
  2. Take the time to learn the tools or hire someone to teach you! I cannot stress this one enough. Each tool has subtle do's and don'ts that make getting results actually happen.
  3. Share relevant content. Yes your blog is important but share links to other articles and videos online and remember to tell stories. Your clients’ don’t truly know about the ins and outs of construction--nor should they. It is your job to properly educate them about what they need to know and to give them a reason to remember you.
  4. Stay away from mud-slinging, it will only come back to hurt you.
  5. Social media is a tool. Use the various tools to build relationships with customers, prospects and the market. Your goal is sales, but their expectation is to learn more about you and to find out if they want to contact you.
These are general rules of thumb to remember as well as laws to live by. Social media is not something that you should participate in just because “everyone else is doing it” too. Take the time to learn the tools or better yet get help learning them or bring someone in to learn how to use them for your business.

The great thing about social media is also its downfall—there are no hard and fast rules to success. What works for one company is not necessarily going to work for yours even if you are in the same industry in the same market.
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