Wired to Care: Book Reviewed

Stories May Sell, But They Always Tell More Than You Intend

I am completely on-board with Patnaik's point and did enjoy reading his book, however I was left feeling like he never owned his own concept. He always pointed to this story or that to say what he was trying to say.

Patnaik tells a lot of different company stories to show how empathy affects workplaces and company cultures, which is very interesting, but most of the stories are very stylized and not completely accurate. That isn't a bad thing, but if you are trying to use real-world examples to prove your point (that you personally are not taking ownership of) then stylizing them to actually do it defeats the purpose.

Wired to Care is a very easy read and is a lot like sitting with Grandpa on the front porch while he reminisces about his life. It's enjoyable, it's fun and you can even learn a few lessons. But if you take the stories to the bank, there is nothing to deposit.
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