3-Word Culture Foundation: Open, Listen, and Change

So often a picture is painted that the culture of all companies is this cookie-cutter thing. This thing that looks and acts the same across the board no matter what industry you are in. If this was true then all people would have to be the same as well—thus we would all be drones. Very clearly that is not the case. What one person likes or desires maybe considered a nightmare for another. The same is true for companies. There are companies that are run like an exact replica of the government, companies that if you blink you miss something, companies that take those motivational posters just a little too seriously and everything in-between.

There is no ‘one way’ to create or maintain a culture, but there are foundations to making your culture successful. The three words that make up this foundation are open, listen, and change. Regardless of what culture is a good fit for your company these words go hand in hand to command its success.

Change is inevitable. Knowing when and what to change is the key. Studies have been done to show a company should not implement more than three changes a year and they should be done slowly. This along with every other rule has exceptions.

Be open and to listen allows opportunities to present themselves to you in a way that you never thought—and usually from the most unlikely source.
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