A Brief Thought on Company Cultures

It’s interesting listening to how people describe the culture of a company. Often a company’s culture is talked about as either this thing that can be held and is separate from the company or it is something so touchy-freely that the average person really doesn’t want to hear about it. When you take it to either extreme, I don’t blame companies that shun the culture concept.

A company’s culture is not separate from the company. It is not something that you can physically hold or touch. But it is felt and believed. Like a person’s heart, the culture is how a company operates, thrives, survives or fails (life). While you cannot separate a culture from the company, nor can you produce an exact replica.

The culture of a company is the driving force to how everything gets done. It influences how your employees make decisions, how processes are established and put into place, what policies (above the legally required ones) are needed, and how the company presents itself to the market.
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