LinkedIn Tip: The Value of Your Profile

“It takes so long to put all of my information into my profile.”

I hear it all the time, and yes that is true—but it’s worth it! Every aspect of your LinkedIn profile is searchable both through the LinkedIn search as well as the search engines. Having a completed profile improves both your personal and company SEO as well as SMO, search engine optimization and social media optimization respectively.

When filling out your profile remember these three tips:

  1. It does not have to all be filled out all at the same time. Spend 15 minutes each week until it is completed. Remember to type the copy in Word first for basic proofing, then copy and paste into LinkedIn.
  2. Put the most emphasis on the Summary section of your profile. The two most important aspects of your profile are the snap-shot box at the top where your photo is displayed, and the Summary. The snap-shot box LinkedIn builds automatically as you complete your profile, while the Summary allows you to highlight your personal strengths and skills as it relates to your career—not just your current job. It is also an opportunity for people to get an insight as to what your personality is like. Be professional but personal. Be concise without jargon.
  3. Do not worry about making a mistake; it is easy to change or modify the content later. I encourage you to look at other peoples’ profile to get ideas. How do they describe themselves? How do they explain what they do? How many companies/jobs do they have listed? If you see an approach that you like, adopt it and apply it to your profile.
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