LinkedIn Tip: I Don’t Want My Picture Online

Too bad!

Whether you like it or not, you don’t exist unless you can be found online and the only way to ensure that you are found is to have a recent, clear photo of you. Many people have the same name, if you don’t believe me search out “John Smith” on LinkedIn and you will receive over 40,000 different people—which one were you looking for?

Your photo should be:

  • Recent. Anyone looking at your profile picture should immediately know it is you as you look today.
  • Professional. Post the wedding and vacation photos on Facebook, not LinkedIn.
  • Close up. The photo should be a head or head and shoulder shot only. Anything else will be too hard to recognize.
Do not use your company logo for your personal profile. People want to see who you are—it builds credibility and ensures that you are a real person. Save the logos for the company page.

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