Client Case Study: You Charge WHAT?!?

Challenge: Company has a great culture. Customers comment about how unique the company is and how the product and service are second to none with the price being very fair. Marketing efforts bring in leads, but the majority of them view the company as too expensive.

Revealed: All marketing and advertising was observed for three months. Company was doing all of the right things in theory, but the presentation of the visuals made the company appear as if it was a local start-up (even though they have been around for over a decade). On top of that, while marketing concepts were applied, they were not focused to the demographic that could afford the Company’s prices.

Solutions: A complete over haul was done to all marketing materials with a new logo as well. The new image of the company captured the strengths that clients so often raved about but gave an updated appearance that was more appealing to the targeted audience.

The brand image overhaul included a new logo, marketing materials, website and a focused prospect profile of who their client really is. This enlightened the company and showed them a stark contrast in who their marketing efforts targeted in the past verses that they were targeting now. The Company saw an almost immediate change in who was interested in their services, and increased the overall closing ratio by 18%.
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