Client Case Study: Where Did My Sales Team Go?

Challenge: Company was having a hard time keeping their sales team. Their turnover was insanely high, with the average sales person lasting between one and three months. The pay was a minimum base with a higher than industry standard commission rate—considered the best in the market. Revealed: The Company hired only experienced sales people who had experience in selling similar products. When a person was hired they were sent to the local sales training company for training then turned them loose to work their magic without any training on the company or company specific products. The sales rep had minimal company support. If a prospect had an immediate need, the earliest a sales rep was able to get someone qualified to do an assessment was 3 weeks. Immediate Solutions: The Company’s process for hiring was completely redone. They continued to hire experienced sales reps, but the reps were no longer sent for sales training. Instead the company provided training about the company and its products and services. A new process was created that allowed the sales rep to be able to get a qualified person to the location within 48 hours. This increased turnaround time and sales. Long Term Solutions: The Company began to hire three novice sales reps every four to six months. They were partnered with an experienced Business Development Director and entered into an 18 month training program where they were sent for sales training, learned how to develop business and accompanied senior sales reps as they visited prospects. At the completion of training two career paths were presented for them to choose from, a senior sales rep or business development. Hiring three at a time helped the company stay ahead of attrition and build two areas of the business simultaneously. All sales reps were also encouraged to get the appropriate certification so they could assess equipment on the spot if a prospect needed. If the appropriate certification was obtained, they would be rewarded with a higher commission. This further increased turnaround time, sales and employee retention.

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