When Should Your Internal Communications be Developed?

Right now and pro-actively! Many companies make the mistake of only focusing on this when a crisis occurs which ultimately makes the situation worse.

A company’s willingness and ability to communicate with its employees about the good and bad alike is essential to having a successful culture driven brand.

Your communication strategy is how you get people talking about the “Insert Your Company—Way”, just like they talk about the ‘Walmart Way’ or the ‘Apple Way’. It describes the essentials of your culture that are held by the majority of your employees.

Benefits in preventing ambiguity in how your company communicates:
  • Allows employees to make on the spot decisions because they have the tools and knowledge needed to make the “right” ones.
  • Employees feel like they “making a difference.” This has a direct impact on productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduces day-to-day conflict. Much conflict is generated by conflicting ideas on what is important to the organization which is an indicator that the people involved do not share a common vision or understanding.
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