Make a Positive First Impression When You Connect on LinkedIn

Potential new connection: Because I trust you, I would like to connect with you.

Me: That is so nice of you! However, can you remind me where we met? Or when have we corresponded? Or how did you learn about me?

Potential new connection: Ahh….we haven’t. We haven’t. And LinkedIn suggested that I connect with you.

Me: Oh I see! But you trust me, right?

disconnectThat is the imaginary conversation I have in my head at least three times a week, when someone who I have never met or engaged with on social media sends me that first line with a connection request on LinkedIn.

Yes. They listened when they were taught to change the default invitation to connect message to increase their chances of connecting with a person, but they missed the point of why they are changing it!

I don’t want you to lie to me. Don’t tell me that you trust me, when you are only seeing my name for the first time.

I want to know why you decided to click that “connect” button. Why did you think us being connected would be of value to you, or me? It honestly doesn’t have to be long or elaborate, just be honest. If you are willing to lie to connect with me, how can I trust your business ethics? Am I really going to think of you when I, or one of my clients are in need of a service that you provide?

So the next time you are connecting with someone on any social media tool, tell them why you are interested in connecting and how you heard about them. They will be more willing to connect and have a more favorable first impression of you.
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