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Established in 2000, Omicle specializes in brand clarity, marketing strategy, and operational efficiency to prepare leaders to scale their business. We are with our clients every step of the way as we audit their current situation, develop an action plan, and ensure it is executed properly. 

Omicle is a woman-owned micro-business located in Whatcom County, Washington. Our clients are primarily B2B businesses and nonprofits.  We have worked with entrepreneurs, funded startups, companies ranging between $1-20M, and departments within international companies like Skanska.

Our Go-To-Market approach reveals what is holding a brand back, how to fix it, and launches them to the next level. Our assessment specifically focuses on the brand's market positioning, leadership, operations, and digital impact. We create results like shortened sales cycles, effective communications, branding initiatives worthy of going viral, higher search engine rankings, and brand loyalty.

Our clients have won awards like “Best Place to Work” and “Most Innovative” and have been featured in national magazines because of our work together. Our clients describe us as having “unmatched talent”, being “profound and impactful”, “provided us a clear direction”, and “exceeding expectations”.

We are looking forward to providing those experiences to you.

Omicle's Brand Lotus with core values brand pillars

Our Purpose is to empower organizations to take ACTION and drive momentum to accelerate progress and results.

Omicle's Core Values:

  • COURAGE: The strength and willingness to do something even though it seems difficult in the moment.
  • INTEGRITY: The choice to be honest and consistent demonstrated through actions, words, decisions, methods, and outcomes.
  • GRACE: The stature and structure to fuel success and happiness.
  • SUPPORT: The safe space to admit hard truths and ask difficult questions, to move forward easily.


Omicle’s Brand Pillars are:

  • GROWTH: Drive results forward with passion and consistent implementation.
  • UNITY: Make connections that inspire collaborative, win/win partnerships.
  • BRILLIANCE: Create space to liberate wisdom from the soul.
  • CREATIVITY: Use intuitive listening and data to deliver practical strategies.


Meet Melanie Asher, MBA

Photo of Melanie Asher.

"You have a rare talent. You're the visionary for visionaries and yet you're grounded and can actually make it happen."

That is how executives and founders have described Omicle's founder, Melanie Asher, MBA. Ms. Asher works with leaders on brand clarity, marketing strategy, and operational efficiency to scale their business. 

Her approach to a Go-To-Market framework is the result of her insider knowledge of the connection between branding, leadership mindset,  sales, and operations intersect to impact your bottom-line and influence your market. Ms. Asher has a diverse background ranging from co-developing computer-based training for the Navy, as a professor at various colleges and universities, being a lead consultant for a variety of fast-growing brands, and providing diversity training for King County in Washington State.

Her Go-To-Market approach reveals what is holding a brand back, how to fix it, and launches you to the next level. She will work with you on your brand building strategies, leadership mindset, to improve your marketing operations,  improve your results with digital marketing.

She is an internationally recognized author of three books on culture-driven-brands. “Contractors: Doing it Right, Not Just Getting it Done” was designed, she says, to help put contractors on the right path as they work to maintain market share and financial viability during the global recession. “Hiring a Contractor” was published for residential construction companies to use as a marketing tool to demonstrate confidence in their work and business to prospects. “Purple Construction” is an article series that address challenges faced specifically by women in a male-dominated industry.

Ms. Asher earned her Executive MBA at the University of Washington, Foster School of Business.

As a powerful national speaker, Ms. Asher speaks on topics about brand building, consumer insight, go-to-market strategies, and scaling your business. She is the founder and president of Omicle LLC, a Fractional CMO firm and Brand or Culture, a publishing company. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her two children, a four-legged cat and a two-legged son. She loves to hike, experiment in the kitchen, and dance. 

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