Case Studies

Case Study: How Passion for the Brand and Re-Uniting the Team Created Unstoppable Energy


Most brands would do anything to create the deep emotional connection and intense loyalty enjoyed by our client, a 50-year old regional non-profit. The organization was named after one of its charismatic, larger-than-life leaders. Back in the day, the founders had united the community around their mission of fostering conversations about diversity in various mediums--a public access television talk show, retreats, and workshops. But now, all but the TV show was shut down due to financial mismana…

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Case Study: Growth and Change Elicit Strong Feelings for Everyone in a Company


When Sam left the industry-leading company where he’d worked for the better part of a decade to strike out on his own, he had big ambitions: to compete with his former employer on a global scale, with an offering that would set a new industry standard for ethics, safety, and client value.

He was soon joined by two colleagues he’d met during his 16-year tenure in the industry, who had also become friends. The three shared the same vision for improving the industry, and together they attacked the…

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Case Study: The Best Practices Of Marketing Your Podcast


Over the last few years, I have worked with various podcast hosts and producers to improve their show and take it to the next level. Instead of sharing each one as a separate case study, I figured I would combine it into a frequently asked questions article.

What should I name my podcast?

Naming a podcast and naming your business are two different conversations. There are arguments for both approaches: giving them the same name and giving them a different name. It depends on what the content o…

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Solve Your Big Marketing Challenge with a Fractional CMO


Tell us where you want to be, and We’ll get you there.

Executive-Level Expertise | Interdisciplinary Approach | Cost-Effective

 I Want a Fractional CMO

What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

The rise of the Fractional CMO comes at a great time: CEOs are looking to make sense of both the digital transformation and the pandemic and CMOs thrive on the opportunity to problem-solve, a chance to leave a lasting impact on the companies that we align with, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. …

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When You Want Executive-Level Results at a Fraction of the Price


Tell me where you want to be, and I’ll get you there.

Fresh Perspective | Executive-Level Expertise | Interdisciplinary Approach | Cost-Effective

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What is a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer?

A Virtual CMO is someone with the ability to work with you to reveal your business goals, design the strategy, programs, and operations you need to reach them, and then execute – all without having to hire and manage full-time staff.

A Virtual CMO can save your reputation and increase your rev…

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The Successful Re-branding of a Multi-Faith Organization

paths website image

Bridging bias and building unity through multi-faith peacemaking.

Project Challenge

The board was interested in creating more consistency with their marketing and better leveraging digital and online marketing. They also were in a prime position where rebranding the organization could give them the blessing of a founding member and be a conversation-starter for new initiatives that the organization was about to launch.

Target Markets

  • Faith-based organizations
  • Faith-based professionals

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Leveling Up and Re-branding the Leadership Expert


Bill works with organizations to transform reactive problem management into proactive, results-based solutions.

Mel challenges me to expand my own thinking in order to create a successful business. She is pleasant to work with and her talent is unmatched. I’ve been able to rebuild my entire program under her guidance and coaching. She challenges me to think beyond the norm and work through problem-solving issues that produce tangible outcomes for my clients. We rebuilt everything from the phi…

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The Re-branding of a Speaking Industry Legend Lois Creamer, Book More Business


Yes, Lois Creamer is a Raving Fan of Melanie Asher. Here's why...

Project Challenge

  • Lois came to us with a very outdated website and was looking for a complete refresh of her website's appearance and content. She had been in business for decades but wanted her website to look more modern and professional.
  • Lois works with speakers, consultants, and subject matter experts to book more business, make more money, and fully monetize their intellectual property.

Target Markets

  • Professional …

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Brand Building for the Education Subject Matter Expert


"Our expectations were exceeded. We provided them with the content for our new website and they immediately began designing a beautiful, inviting and user-friendly site. As a result of their impressive designs, our website traffic has exploded and we now have a solid social media platform. We are now working on a 2.0 version to be released shortly. Thank you-Team Omicle for a job well done."

Ed.D-DEO, Center for Student Achievement Solutions

About the Business

  • Chandra’s …

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