How to Change Your Business without Hiring Anyone to Help

The simple things in life make all the difference in the world. Yet it seems to be human nature to complicate them, which inevitably screws things up.

When you think back to all the experiences you have had over your lifetime, the ones that stand out the most are always the simplest ones like making bread with grandma or playing ball with your dad? How did you feel when you heard “thank you” from the person you least expected to say it? Thank you is a very powerful phrase.

Jon Gordon wrote a great article about how something that simple can make all the difference in your company. He uses examples like Doug Conant, the CEO of Campbell’s Soup writing 16,000 thank you notes and PPR implementing Thank You Thursdays.

So now I have told you the secret to changing your company. You do not have to hire anyone, nor do will this cost you a thing. What do you have to lose? Start saying thank you and check out Jon Gordon’s blog.
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