Has Branding Really Changed?

There has been a lot of talk about ‘new marketing’ or ‘branding’ or 'marketing for tomorrow'  with the growing hold that social media takes every day. But I challenge you; have the rules of branding really changed? Or is it simply the tactics to achieve the goal that has changed?
The ultimate goal of branding is to create a consistent desired feeling or thought in the client or prospect’s mind when your company or product name is mentioned or visible.
In yester-year, that was achieved mainly by advertising, promotions and sponsorships which needless to say, is one-sided communication. Companies were able to decide who heard what message and when it was heard. The client’s true perception and experience was not felt until after money had already changed hands.

In today’s market, brands are built by two and three way conversations between the company and the client or prospect. Both the client and the company provide value to the brand with each action or lack of. The company still has a desired message it wishes to convey, but the client seeks truth and value upfront. It is easier for a prospect to decide the value you offer long before they ever reach out or express any interest in you.

In yester-year just as much as today, word of mouth is still the strongest and most powerful form of marketing and brand-building. The difference is the potential for how quick it can take hold.

So I ask you, is it branding that changed or the tactics to achieving the goal that has changed?

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