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Can I Pick Your Brain? Your OnDemand Branding Expert


When you want an expert that you trust to be there to give you reliable and honest feedback, and you don't have the time to schedule yet another meeting. You need an expert on-demand. You need Melanie Asher, MBA.  

Brilliant Insights:


Get the complete package of available white papers called Brilliant Insights created by Omicle LLC, now. 

Revealing the Secrets of Generational Marketing


BONUS: How COVID-19 is changing how each of the generations shop. 

Build Your Client Avatar

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When you actually know who your next-best-clients are you will be able to get in front of them faster, have better paid advertising results, and close more sales quicker. 

Build a LinkedIn Profile that Converts

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Every aspect of your LinkedIn profile is searchable by the search engines.  Create a profile that gets you found on search engines and generate more clients faster.

What Do You Really Need to Know About Social Media Marketing?

This course will answer your immediate questions about social media.

To really create an IMPACT you'll want to also invest in the other courses because that is where the juicy stuff is! Who doesn't love juice?!?!

How to Get Clear On Your Brand and Discover SEO Necessities

Your brand message and the value that you provide has to be crystal clear for your market to "get it" and how you can help them.

This course will make sure your message and the value that you provide is just that! Let's get crystal clear.

What is Keeping You From Creating an Impact Online Right Now?

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to have "this many posts per day" in order to achieve social media success.

The companies that are successful know these secrets that I reveal and most importantly, they implement them. Are you ready?

Curate Content for Social Media Marketing Success

If you've ever wondered what you will post today, this course is for you. It covers  what kind of content to create, what content works best on the different social media platforms, and how to re-purpose your content so you are not in the vicious cycle of always having to create new content. Stop wasting your time creating content, now.

How to Create a Social Media Strategy that Works

There is more to social media than just creating content and posting it. This course looks at your business strategy, how to build a realistic marketing budgeting, and how to track results of your social media efforts to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.