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Her presentations are renowned for being edgy, engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. Melanie specializes in topics related to brand building, consumer insight, and digital disruption. Best of all, she's flexible and eager to tailor her presentations to suit your audience, location, and time frame.

Melanie Asher's extensive expertise extends to speaking with executives, leadership teams, business owners, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs. Whether you require a concise 15-minute session or a full-day immersion, Melanie can deliver. And in those unexpected moments when a speaker is needed at the last minute, don't hesitate to reach out. Subject to availability, location, and topic, Melanie may be able to step in.

YES! Melanie is a seasoned professional speaker who is qualified and certified for both in-person and virtual engagements. Let her elevate your event and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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Presentation Titles

  • Mastering Brand Messaging for Profitable Engagement

  • Loyalty-Building Strategies: Empowering Your Brand

  • Resilient Marketing: Thriving in Uncertain Times

  • Social Media Unleashed: Boosting Your Bottom Line

  • Unlocking Business Growth: Connecting and Trusting for Success

  • Crafting a Relevant Brand for the Digital Age

  • Elevate Your Brand in the Post-COVID Landscape

  • Supercharge Your Brand's Impact for Lasting Results

  • Accelerate Your Brand to Leave Audiences Awestruck

  • Unlocking Business Growth: The Mindset Connection

  • Resilient Marketing Strategy in Times of Uncertainty

  • Scaling Up: The Art of Strategic Speed

  • Brand Clarity and SEO Essentials Unveiled

  • LinkedIn Mastery: Unleash Your Network's Potential

  • Cracking the Code to Social Media Success

  • Mastering the Social Media Universe

  • Crafting a Winning Social Media Strategy

  • Fueling Brand Growth with Art and Creativity

Benefits from the Presentations

  • Attract and engage your target audience with a contemporary brand.
  • Adapt your brand to thrive in the evolving business landscape.
  • Foster trust and loyalty in a post-pandemic market.
  • Enhance your brand's resilience and relevance.
  • Unleash your brand's potential for long-term success.
  • Create a brand that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.
  • Drive revenue growth and customer loyalty with a powerful brand.
  • Catapult your brand to new heights and captivate your audience.
  • Craft a brand that wows and resonates with your customers.
  • Achieve remarkable results with a dynamic brand strategy.
  • Harness the power of mindset to fuel business expansion.
  • Discover how mindset influences your growth trajectory.
  • Transform your business perspective for accelerated success.
  • Develop a marketing strategy that thrives in uncertain times.
  • Build resilience and adaptability into your marketing approach.
  • Ensure your brand's stability and growth even in challenging markets.
  • Discover the balance between speed and sustainability.
  • Drive rapid, yet thoughtful, scaling for your brand.
  • Gain clarity on your brand's message and purpose.
  • Unlock the SEO secrets that enhance your brand's visibility.
  • Harness the full potential of LinkedIn for business growth.
  • Expand your professional network and influence.
  • Demystify the secrets of effective social media marketing.
  • Drive results and revenue through your social media efforts.
  • Master the art of engaging and converting your audience.
  • Craft a cohesive and effective social media strategy.
  • Develop a strategic social media plan tailored to your brand.
    Optimize your social media efforts for maximum impact.

Presentation Descriptions

Building a brand isn't just a saying; it's a strategic art. Discover the power of effective brand messaging and how it can be the game-changer between engagement and indifference. Learn the secrets to creating messaging that not only attracts search engines but also encourages clicks, inquiries, and ultimately, revenue growth. Join us to unlock the path to enhancing your brand's revenue and referral potential.


In today's business landscape, success hinges on more than just attracting customers—it's about retaining them and fostering employee loyalty. This presentation delves into the art of building unwavering loyalty with customers and employees alike. Explore how strategic branding can significantly impact your marketing budget while making your brand more desirable in the market. Discover the key factors under your control that can save you marketing dollars and elevate your desirability.


Social media is a crucial component of your marketing strategy, but unlocking its true potential can be elusive. This presentation deciphers the difference between marketing to your clients and meeting the search engine's criteria for page one ranking—a key factor in boosting your bottom line. Dive into the art of crafting a realistic marketing budget and discover how to effectively track the results of your social media efforts. Maximize the impact of your social media strategy and ensure every dollar spent yields tangible results.


In the quest to grow your business, it's essential to make the process easy for your audience. Instead of blindly following the latest trends, learn how to discern if these ideas align with your brand and resonate with your target audience. Building connection and trust is paramount to success in business growth. This presentation focuses on opening doors to greater success while taking meaningful action in building a business you're passionate about running. Join us in forging a path to business growth with purpose and intention.

Meet Melanie Asher, MBA

I partner with businesses to revolutionize their brand presence both online and offline. My passion lies in reshaping the way B2B brands connect with their target audiences while implementing streamlined marketing strategies that empower brands for rapid expansion.

Clients often describe my approach as daring, adaptable, enjoyable, and captivating. Together, we've achieved remarkable accolades such as "Best Place to Work" and "Most Innovative," earning national recognition through our collaborative efforts.

My forte lies in the intricate fusion of art and science, encompassing brand positioning, category design, and digital transformation. Whether it's through my comprehensive audits, Fractional CMO services, or dynamic presentations, I'm committed to guiding organizations in the pursuit of operational strategies that drive brand excellence, elevate marketing effectiveness, and propel revenue expansion.

Melanie Asher, MBA (formerly Mel DePaoli, MBA)

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