Our Clients Are Raving Fans


“Your work is extraordinary. We went through a complete rebrand that is actually working! We’ve had nothing but praise from the community and our donors about the changes we’ve made and the direction we’re going. Your work not only helped us get to where we are and it’s working in the market, we hoped it would work in. It’s spot on. After the rebrand, we were able to raise in three months what the organization previously raised in three years. We have a successful path forward. I wanted to create a brand that the corporate community and highest level of donors would instantly be drawn to. It needed to connect both logically and emotionally with our market. You made it possible. What I dreamed I wanted, you delivered.

Having worked with you before, I knew you were the only one who could accomplish what needed done. You unify a team and become a part of it which builds trust, innovation, and collaboration. That only happens with someone with your breadth of experience. I know a lot of your clients and you have had so many different experiences and worked with so many different kinds of people. You understand the importance of the executive’s connection with the team and that we too, are human. You honor the role and position, and gave me a safe space for me to process and gain clarity.

We got the right name. We got the right WOW statement. That’s all we’re saying any more is our new brand name and the WOW statement and our target audiences instantly get it. We are just constantly building around the WOW statement. Those three words say everything we need to say. We use our positioning statement as well, and it’s amazing how the components work together and are interchangeable. They each have a specific purpose and have shortened our sales process because they instantly get what we do and who we help.”

Interim Executive Director


“Omicle was able to come to a complete and holistic understanding of what the driving motivations of our project and target audience actually were. They were able to get underneath the surface and work "inside" our culture to create a living and sustainable identity for us.”

High Tech Industry and Board Director


“I have worked with Melanie on several occasions, on multiple projects. She has a high energy level and works tirelessly to make sure all projects are completed on time. She is extremely resourceful when it comes to finding alternative ways to accomplish tasks. The information she provides is both timely and inclusive of latest information and/or technology”

Executive Director, Two Rivers CDC


“Melanie is an extremely focused professional who keeps team members "on task" while facilitating discussions oriented on solutions. Melanie is also quite meticulous in documenting relevant points raised by participants - so that someone not a party to the discussion benefits from her reports.

Melanie's expertise includes summarizing actionable "next steps" necessary to implement and accomplish the organization's objectives. This laser-like focus marks the difference between lots of expressions and group-centered results.”

Executive Director, William Factory Small Business Incubator


“Omicle took the diverse ideas from our team along with the bosses outcomes, and brought us together to one branding focus. Omicle also guided us through a plan for our new cloud computing/storage infrastructure that we are still utilizing to this day. Omicle is our go to resource for branding, marketing, and technology. We will continue to use Omicle's expertise as we grow our company and I encourage you, to work with them too.”

Small Business Program Liaison


“Unmatched Talent. Mel’s talent is unmatched. I rebuilt my entire program to better produce tangible outcomes for my clients. We rebuilt everything from the philosophy, brand, to my website. Mel is a true professional, intuitive and thoughtful. I highly recommend her.”

Principle Consultant, Accelerate Your Results