Scale Your Business Better: The TRANSFORM Stage


The goal of this stage is to focus on long-term clients and long-term growth. This is all about continuing to improve your client experience and identifying where your next best opportunity lies. The questions you'll ponder will be:

  • Will it be a new market, a new vertical, or a new product or service?
  • Will you expand your current offerings?
  • Will you seek to acquire another company?
  • Will you seek to be acquired?

This stage is about making opportunistic, long-range decisions. Your focus is on expanding your growth potential. The challenge will be to balance rapid growth with increased spending all while managing the transition of the culture of your organization.

Marketing, Sales, and Client Experience During This Stage

Marketing, sales, and client success should now be working together like a highly trained IndyCar pit crew. They are a revenue-focused RevOps team creating efficient growth at scale. You’re still targeting new clients as well as building a team, so you can continue to grow.

Operations During This Stage

Operations will be focused on centralizing your processes. Operations metrics for this phase include CLV, time to value or client ROI, product or service line revenue, net expansion, gross margins, and growth by category. The technology you’ll focus on includes what you already have, an integrated stack, client experience management, and sales forecasting.

Your forecasting is improving. Your right where the finance team predicted you would be at the end of the quarter and you’re able to repeat this for multiple quarters in a row. Once you’ve reached this point, it’s time to figure out where you can grow the most.

Remember, it’s not wrong to be at any stage of business, nor should you focus on a stage you’re not actually in. The stages are there to offer guidance on the areas that will make you the most successful and profitable over the long term. Remember, just because you transition to a new stage doesn’t mean you abandon everything that came before. In fact, it’s actually better to think of these stages as a circle instead of a linear progression.

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