Brush Masters: Construction Companies Using Social Media-Behind the Scenes

Welcome back to part 2 of my interview with Josh Brottlund of Brush Masters. Make sure you check out Part 1 to learn about the tools he uses and the results he's received.


Behind the Scenes: the Marketing Strategy & Policies Around Social Media

Q: Does your company have a policy on social media?

A: No currently, we do not.

Q: What is your marketing strategy?

A: In the typical year, Brush Masters participates in several tradeshows, has heavy involvement with local construction associations (BATC – Builders Association of the Twin Cities, NARI – National Association of the Remodeling Industry, MHA – Multi-Housing Association, MN GreenStar, Builders Club), and contributes to several fundraising and community service activities. We also place a few magazine and publication ads and hosts several of our own events.

Q: How do you integrate social media and traditional marketing?

A: We have found the best way to connect with people on social media is to sit down after a traditional marketing event (award ceremony, networking event, trade show, etc.) and connect with people right away on social media.

Q: How many of your employees actively participate in the company’s social media activity?

A: It's mainly just me. I am responsible for social media. Our sales team is on social media and we have several employees who use it though it is mostly for personal. I have two great bosses that support social media, one of presents the “Get Social” class we hold on a monthly basis as well as variations of this class to different groups.

Q: Social media can take up a lot of time. How do you handle that?

A: By using tools such as Hootsuite and Alerts, and by time blocking for content brainstorming, creation, editing, and distributing. We also ask for guest or expert contributions on relevant topics.

Q: How has social media helped your company that traditional media has been unable to do?

A: As a result of being at the forefront of social media in the construction industry, Brush Masters has a higher level of visibility and brand awareness to current customers and potential customers. In addition, Brush Masters is able to get feedback on ideas quickly; dispel myths about our services and to whom they are provided. We hear on a regular basis from current and new customers that Brush Masters is everywhere...they see us on all the online platforms as well as offline events. Social media allows us to successfully accomplish this at a lower cost when compared to strictly using traditional media.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge with using social media?

A: Creating great content is a matter of several elements coming together at once. It’s a matter of having the right idea, the right execution, the right timing for our readers, and the right message. The idea is to get feedback on the different content that people want to know about; being inspired to create great content; knowing the best way and time to deliver it to our readers. Getting this to happen on a consistent basis is always an exciting challenge.

Q: Do you have an interesting customer service story to share?

A: A local high-end jean manufacturer started using actively engaging in Facebook after attending our “Get Social” class. They have success asking “Fans” or “Likers” what they like and don’t like about particular products. The first time they tried this they had over 20 responses in less than thirty minutes. The best part is that the feedback was FREE and was used to drive some good decisions moving forward.

Q: Are their new products, technologies, services or tools that your company will focus on in the next 18 months?

A: The “Social CRM” space looks very interesting and promising as a way to effectively engage brand/company advocates. The emerging media space offers some interesting possibilities.

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