Should Your Company be Emulating Apple?

I was reading an article by Boyce Thompson on Builder Online. He wrote about how construction companies (builders in particular) look to star companies like Lexus in the 90’s and today Apple for inspiration. He started off great by encouraging companies to reinvent themselves and to not be intimidated by competition as the economy turns around, but then he does what every other person does that commends Apple for doing a great job—they only talk about an Apple product.

Instead of writing a testimonial for Apple, let’s look at two ways that emulating Apple will benefit construction companies: marketing and customer experience.


Apple’s approach to marketing is phenomenal. They are one of the few companies that have been able to consistently capture and convey a particular emotion or experience in every campaign. That emotion or feeling that the viewer is left with becomes the law of what their followers and customers believe whole heartedly and without question.

When you look at it, Apple’s campaigns are about attaching particular feelings, emotions, and experiences to the company instead of individual products. Because of this, Apple is able to release anything and their followers automatically assume the feeling or experience they will have.

And most importantly, Apple takes educated risks. Apple boldly experiments with their advertising and knows who their market is as well as you know your spouse or best friend.

So as a construction company what can you learn? There is a monumental difference between what you say and what the market believes. Just because you say it, does not make it so. Apple understands the value in giving the market a reason to remember them, you also can do that. Only practicing safe marketing is simply spending money with a hope of a return. Don’t only copy what other companies are doing or have done in the past.

Customer Experience

Apple does not just stop with their great campaigns, each of their products is beautifully, artfully designed or sexy as I call it. Their products are easy on the eyes and relatively easy to use. Apple’s products become something that you want to show off.

Apple makes complicated, easy. It’s no secret how complicated technology can be, but Apple has done a wonderful job of making it easy to use and understand. They also have been able to set industry expectations and educate their following. Their customers are able to pick up any Apple product and have a general understanding of how to use it.

So as a construction company what can you learn? Regardless of your specialty or your competitions, you both produce a result that is beautiful. But while beautiful, the market is going to have no way of knowing who did what project—no signature element or memorable photography.

Hiring a construction company is only easy for those who have worked in the industry or have already hired many in the past. Otherwise it is a daunting task. Make hiring and selecting a contractor easy, my book Hiring a Contractor is a great marketing tool for you to use. Once they have selected you, make working with you just as easy. Educate them about the process and things they need and want to know. Unlike an Apple product, working with a contractor is a life changing experience and a lifelong memory.
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