News Release: ACTION Book Helps Consumers Hire the Right Contractor

Bothell, WA. –A new action book, “Hiring a Contractor,” offers a simple step-by-step guide to help consumers through the process of hiring a contractor. While the action book is task oriented, it also provides easy to understand explanations and examples of why each step is important.

With the increasing number of consumers who complain or have problems with their contractor and good construction companies who struggle to find work, this action book bridges that gap. Within the action book is a comprehensive resource list to help consumers find the information they need to know for their specific area.

Melanie DePaoli is the author of “Hiring a Contractor,” “CONTRACTORS: Doing It Right Not Just Getting It Done,” and “Contagious Think Pad.” She is a construction industry expert on customer service and branding strategies.

Highlights of the action book include:
  • Complete list of resources for all 50 states
  • Layman terms of what the buzz words mean and how to find out more information
  • Examples of how to accomplish each task
  • Plenty of room to document your progress and thoughts
  • Resource list is available online, organized by state A-F | G-L | M-N | O-S | T-W
“With all of the challenges the construction industry has face recently, contractors that are doing it right need a way to educate consumers to get the best quality for their investment.” said DePaoli, founder of culture and branding firm, Omicle, LLC. “In an industry that has some bad eggs that take advantage of consumers (and give the industry a bad reputation), there is a need for identifying the good guys. This action book will help contractors doing it right to raise the bar for ethical practices, and quality workmanship, and offer consumers a guide on how to identify and work with those contractors.”

ACTION Book Praise:

“Your action book is way above and beyond normal protocol. You have every damn state in there—nice bit of research there. This is really good information. It is a good simple read and can be finished in an afternoon.” Bob Gross, construction inspector.

“Most people ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ before starting a home improvement project. You may see samples, but you can’t see what the finished product will look like unless you do the things suggested in this action book. Overall, you did a very thorough job.” Steve Rennekamp, Energy Swing Windows.

About Mel DePaoli & Omicle LLC

Mel DePaoli is an expert in innovative branding strategies and is the founder of culture and branding firm, Omicle, LLC, based in Bothell, Washington. Omicle helps companies create sustainable success from understanding how the best people, the right processes, the newest technology, and good clients influence each other. Omicle specializes in working with companies in the construction industry who have 15+ employees. For more information, call 425.877.1109, email mel[at], or visit
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