Steve Rennekamp's Win / Win / Win Senario

Steve Rennekamp/Energy Swing WindowsA good friend of mine, Steve Rennekamp, president of Energy Swing Windows has a great philosophy about culture and brand. He calls it "Creating a Win/Win/Win Scenario." I asked him to share it in an article which is below. Energy Swing Windows is located just outside of Pittsburgh, PA and is the most referred window and door company. They have amazing windows! If you have never seen their product, make sure you tour their facility. You will be blown away.

In a successful company, you build your inside reality and your outside perception by delivering consistent win/win/win scenarios. The client has to win, the employees have to win and the company has to win. If one of these three consistently loses, they will disappear, leaving the other two helpless.

So how do you create win/win/win scenarios? Align your core values and in turn you provide value to both your employees and your customer. To create a win for your inside reality, surround yourself with employees who hold the same values as you. Sell your employees leadership, provide them with a definitive belief system of those values, and instill in them conviction of their point of view.

  • Create a culture of employees who strive to do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing to do.
  • Inspire your employees to strive to consistently provide value that is meaningful to others, both co-workers and customers.
  • Emphasize communication, the vaccine that prevents dissatisfaction, and encourage employees to take time to makes sure loose ends are pinned down for both the client and other employees.
  • Help your employees understand that when they focus on the other person’s interests first, their interests will also be taken care of. When you put the needs of others first, they will value the relationship they have with you.

Creating this type of company culture results in a win for your inside reality, which in turn, results in a win for your outside reality, your customer. When your employees strive to provide value, and put an importance on communication, it comes through to the client that their needs are more important to you than your own needs. When the client gains this type of understanding, it adds value to the relationship, and gives customers the desire to establish a long-term, lifelong relationship with your company. And when you create the loyalty of that lifelong relationship, it’s a win for the company, who has gained a raving fan, a win for the employee, who can feel confidant they work for a successful company, and a win for the client, who has found a trustworthy company who is attentive to their needs.

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