Discovering Prejudice

I gave this presentation to two different local community groups. The intent was to open the dialog about diversity--what did they think about, what did they know about, and how has it affected them.

Here is the feedback I received:
  • HOLY CRAP! That was stirring and masterful! You handled that with amazing skill and sensitivity. EXCELLENT!
  • Very Engaging!
  • Really good insight! I like that you are courageous and willing to speak about such topics.
  • Great Job—inspiring and heartwarming. Everyone was riveted on your speech! Good job!
  • Difficult Topic! Excellent!
  • You are a talented speaker! Excellent pace and clarity. Thought provoking content.
  • A powerful speech—Thank You for giving us some food for thought. You chose your words very well.
  • Inspiring and moving speech. Very well executed—Great Job!
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