Happy 3-Year Anniversary Seattle!

I was told when I moved to Seattle that once you have been here for six months, you are officially a local. The reason is because there are so many people moving here every day that after six months, well you are old news.

I’ve been here three years now and Seattle feels more and more like ‘home’ every day. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love living here anymore, something happens and wow—Seattle is even more special to me than it was just a moment before.

Last year I had a hard time writing my anniversary post because it felt like I was between two big years. I couldn’t have been more correct! From the moment that I clicked “publish” on that post until now things just keep getting better and further solidifying my path.

On a personal note, I bought my first house and moved my grandmother across the country to live with us. I have had to hire contractors, learn to be a general contractor managing all of the subs, discovered an element of my past I wasn’t really looking for, and have had it proven to me that I really do have patience—when I need it. :)

As for business related stuff, Omicle and Brand or Culture are officially two years old! Their actual anniversary is on Halloween, my favorite holiday! That wasn’t necessarily intentional, but it does give me some very fun marketing opportunities in the future.

The speaking aspect of my business was a quite a success this year. I had numerous speaking gigs, even landed one coming up in March in HAWAII! I also made a point of attending a few conferences—new ones. Some of them were specialized to my business, while others were specific to my target market. I even attended one that specialized in working with Native American businesses which has exposed me to a whole new market that I had never even considered.

Speaking of markets, it’s amazing how much interest I have been generating around diversity outreach programs for general contractors. I am now regularly speaking with various contractors about this specific topic! It seems my niche, is becoming an even more specialized niche. I did also start a new LinkedIn Group, call Women & Diversity in Construction which I would like to invite you to join and participate.

Time was minimal this year as I am sure you can imagine, so I didn’t get to do as much writing as I would have liked. But that is changing for year four! I did write half dozen or so articles for Builder + Architect Magazine—Puget Sound Edition which you can access from my LinkedIn profile and I finally launched the announcement of interviewing women in construction and will be putting together a series of articles on that. The ladies that I have been meeting are amazing! Contractors Doing it Right—Expanded Edition has been delayed until 2012. I am hoping to have it ready for Hawaii, but I am not sure that is possible.

As for organizations I participate in, I have loved being involved with DECA for the last two years. The kids have been amazing and the judging experience is equally rewarding for me. I missed their practice session the other week, but I am very excited about their next two events. I have started the transition process of stepping down from my role as marketing director of IMCPNW (which I have held for the last 18 months), though I will remain an advisor throughout next year. The Skanska CAT team (Community Advisory Team) has completed its first year and is heading strong to start off its second. That also has been an amazing experience with wonderful people. I am looking forward to what is coming next. Through that, I was introduced to Tabor 100 and have just accepted a board position with them.

So that was my last year in a nutshell. How about you? What have you been up to and what are you looking to accomplish in the next year?

Speaking of which, I am very good at encouraging others to ask for what they want and to share what it is they need but I consistently forget to do it myself (shoemaker’s kids . . . ). So let’s change that right here and right now! Here are specific ways that you can help me:
  • I am looking for Women to interview for my women in construction article series. Who would you be willing to introduce me to?
  • I am looking to do more speaking gigs at conferences. What organizations do you recommend and would you be willing to introduce me to someone who can hire me?
  • Diversity outreach programs have been huge in the construction industry; I am looking for more consulting gigs tailored around this focus.
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