Press Release: Mel DePaoli Target Marketing WAPDCA Speaker

WAPDCA is the Washington State Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, is the voice of the Professional Painting Contractor, the only association that represents the Painting Industry. PDCA members are licensed, bonded, contractors, who are dedicated to improving their business through the unique networking, education, and training opportunities offered through PDCA.

Mel DePaoli, owner of Omicle: Contractors Doing it Right, author, and successful construction marketing specialist gave attendees a methodology for rethinking their target market to provide better marketing results, reducing marketing costs and increasing their profit.

"Mel is a fantastic speaker and puts an amazing twist on presenting Do You Really Know Who Your Target Market Is? By weaving her life experience with what can usually be a boring topic, she was humorous, entertaining, completely captured her audience, and still conveyed valuable points that contractors need to consider before they begin their marketing. Not many people really impress me, but Mel DePaoli is on that very short list–in fact, she is at the top! Her ability to explain how people can focus their marketing effort for the greatest ROI – and thus how business owners can benefit, is second to none." James Walsh, Painting and Decorating Contractors of America Seattle-King County Chapter, Executive Board Member

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