How Many Eggs Are In Your Basket?

The biggest mistake I see companies make when it comes to advertising is simply, they put all of their eggs in one basket. They do too much of one thing by taking the ‘Consistency Rule’ so literally that it actually hurts them and most of the time they do not realize this until it is to late. Companies tend to focus on one type of marketing, one media, or they beat the wrong message into their various types of media.

Marketing is this abstract thing that we have convinced ourselves we can make concrete. As much as we try, there are no 100 percent fool-proof ways to truly know what works and what does not. Yes we can make observations and see trends, but how much of what you do today affects the business you will get years down the road? Or how much of today’s business really was a result of a campaign you ran years ago instead of the campaign you are currently running? Let’s take a look at how these mistakes can affect your business.

Relying on one type of marketing can burn your prospects out or limit how and when they see you. By setting these restrictions you could actually prevent them from doing business with you. Recent market research has proved that people no longer fit into this category or that. People today pride themselves on not being a part of the typical stereotype or profile. If that is the case, then how can you trust that your advertising efforts will actually reach the audience that you intend it too?

Let’s say you are confident that you really are reaching your market and you decide to do some heavy campaigning. Provided you really are in front of them, this will get you some business. If not and they do not appreciate the campaign, it could hurt you and risk you losing a client for life!

Utilizing one media for your marketing limits who you can get in front of. Your entire target market is not always going to be at the place you want them to be, when you want them there.
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