Is Brand Loyalty the Ultimate Goal of Marketing?

Fact or Myth?

I know you have heard of Brand Loyalty. Many will say you need it—that it is the ultimate goal of marketing. Go ahead, Google it! Read the results and you will say “I have to have it!”

But what you won't find is the truth that brand loyalty is actually a MYTH!

Brand loyalty implies that the consumer is willing, at least on occasion, to put aside their own desires in the interest of the brand. Would you put your own personal needs below the needs of a brand? Not many would--and if they would on occasion, there is no guarantee they will all the time, every time. Expecting others to do that for your company, products and services is unrealistic (and frankly is a bad business model). The decision to purchase a product or service is ultimately based on the fulfillment of a need--whether it is emotional or physical.

There is a difference between the expectation that others will give up or set aside their own desires for the benefit of your brand and the developing of an army of brand ambassadors who believe in your brand and will help you promote it.

So does brand loyalty exist? What do you think?

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