Social Media Leadership at City U Seattle

City U Seattle presenters.

On Wednesday, October 15th 2014, over eighty community, business, and education leaders converged on City University of Seattle to celebrate the new School of Applied Leadership (SAL). The breakfast celebration was full of energy as leaders collaborated, learned from each other, and networked along with celebrating the School. The Leadership conversation began at this breakfast.

One of the goals of the new School of Applied Leadership is to be a catalyst for leadership conversation. The Leadership Breakfast served to initiate critical conversations about leadership. Eleven professional speakers “captained” tables and led discussions on leadership topics ranging from Social Media, to Connections, and reluctant leaders as well as leaders as influencers. Each table’s discussion was lively and vibrant.

There were eleven tables, each with a discussion topic as interesting as the one I attended. These included:
  • Tracey Warren, Social Media Strategist, Roundtable Topic: Are We Really Connected?
  • Earl Bell, Founder, Winning in Business Master Academy, Roundtable Topic: Creating and Delivering the Hero Experience
  • Jan M. McLaughlin, President, Your Communication Connection, Roundtable Topic:  Leader as Influencer: Impression Management in the Spotlight
  • Steve  Alexander, Director, CEO Space, Roundtable Topic: Most Effective Connecting Strategies for Leaders
  • Melanie DePaoli, Founder and President, Omicle, Roundtable Topic: Social Media Uses for Leadership
  • Ron Rael, Founder, High Road Institute, Roundtable Topic: How to Help A Reluctant/Reticent Leader
  • Maureen Manley, Speaker, Life Coach, Roundtable Topic: Mental Fitness: Optimizing Performance, Resilience, and Well-Being
  • Dennis Bauer, Author, Speaker, Roundtable Topic:  Keeping Your Leadership Cool in Turbulent Times
  • Carolyn Isaacs, Y5 Ventures, Roundtable Topic:  Designing an Energized, Enthusiastic, Engaged Culture
  • Arron Grow, School of Applied Leadership, Roundtable Topic:  What Makes a Most Memorable Team and Team Leader?
  • Lisa Copeland, Speaker, Trainer, Roundtable Topic:  The Friction Factor: Overcoming Generational Delusion.
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