Build Your Client Avatar on the Star Coach Show - Listen Here

Mel DePaoli was interviewed by Meg Rentschler on STaR Coaches-Strategies, tools and resources for professional coaches.

What is the value of having an online presence and how can you engage with the virtual world in a way that creates an impression on your target audience?  That is the essence of what Mel DePaoli does and she shares her strategies with us in this episode of STaR Coaches.

She shared with us about how to create your Customer Avatar. Listen to Episode 59 of STaR Coaches to find out how to create an online presence and be there for your ideal client.

Here is the link to listen to STaR Coaches on iTunes.

Here are the show highlights:

  • The method to the madness of going viral.
  • How to actually create your Customer Avatar.
  • How to get clarity on who your Customer Avatar is.
  • Who are ‘influencers’ and why are they important.
  • How to find the people and information you are actually looking for on social media.
  • Tips about building relationships on social media.
  • Ways to not be a ‘me too’ brand when commenting on social media.
  • Get crystal clear about who you’re targeting.
  • How to get out of your head and into the head of your next best client.
  • Honing in on your message and on the value that you provide.


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