Melanie Asher, MBA Interviewed on The Revenue Maze Podcast with Valerie Cobb


🔥 🔥 “Be crystal clear on your messaging and it is not from your perspective, it is from your client's perspective and your perspective clients.” 🔥 🔥

Yes, our Founder and Fractional CMO, Melanie Asher, MBA was featured on The Revenue Maze podcast. Listen to hear that great quote and other points about how to make your business CREDIBLE and RELEVANT. Melanie joins the host Valerie Cobb to share some tips on how to get out of the revenue maze;

💲 Be crystal clear on the messaging you send. The message is not from your perspective, it’s from the client's perspective.
💲 Spend less time worrying about what other people think and focus more on what your gut is telling you.
💲Being able to connect with your clients can help increase your revenue. 


Oh, and in case Valerie's name sounds should, we recently featured her article on the Omicle blog a few weeks ago. Check it out. Valerie co-founded Revenue Northstar and is a fractional Chief Revenue/Sales Officer for multiple companies. For over 25 years she has been growing companies and increasing their revenue. She is a firm believer in breaking down revenue silos. Her strength and weakness are chocolate and empathy. Connect with Valerie Cobb on LinkedIn.


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