How to Successfully Market to Generation X


The forgotten middle child or the sandwich generation, previously known as “the slackers” or being the “problematic” generation because they never really tried very hard and are very independent. They were the first generation of “latchkey kids” with dual-income families and an increased divorce rate of their parents. Gen X is the smallest generation born between the years 1965-1979. They are juggling raising their kids, paying mortgages and tuition,...

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Solve Your Big Marketing Challenge with an On-Demand CMO


Tell me where you want to be, and I’ll get you there.

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What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

A Fractional CMO provides your business with the executive-level guidance of Chief Marketing Officer without the added expenses of salary, benefits, and other perks given to full-time executives because they (usually) split their time between several companies.

A Fractional CMO...

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When You Want Executive-Level Results at a Fraction of the Price


Tell me where you want to be, and I’ll get you there.

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What is a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer?

A Virtual CMO is someone with the ability to work with you to reveal your business goals, design the strategy, programs, and operations you need to reach them, and then execute – all without having to hire and manage full-time staff.

A Virtual CMO can save your...

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Be Successful in Marketing to the Baby Boomers


Boomers were born between the years of 1946-1964 and grew up with the “American Dream” in the white-picket-fence era of post-World War II. They are the second-largest generation behind Millennials.

What Key Events Influenced Boomers?

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Pivoting Your Business isn't Really Pioneering Innovation


There’s a post going around various Facebook Groups that asks the words or phrases related to Covid-19 that you are most tired of hearing. The comments can be pretty funny. For me, it depends if you are referencing business or personal. Personally, I’m really tired of hearing “unprecedented times” and from a business perspective, it’s the word “pivot”.

According to, PIVOT means a pin, point, or short shaft on the end of which something...

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Reflecting on the Wounds Caused by Racism in America


I don’t know what to say.

I’m speechless.

Turn your profile picture and banner images black to show you support #BlackLivesMatter. If you don’t, then you’re against them—this makes my heart hurt. What happened to Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, makes my heart hurt.

We need to abolish all of the police departments—isn’t this extreme? All police officers are bad—that’s not fair to say.

Do the official statements by major...

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Melanie Asher, MBA Interviewed on Wisdom of Friends with Kal Aras


This was a first for me--being interviewed on a show that is more than just business. We chatted about business and personal and did a lot of laughing. Make sure you watch the video and subscribe to Kal's podcast, Wisdom of Friends on iTunes or on Google Play Music. I'm looking forward to doing more shows like this one. 

Listen or Watch Here

Kal Aras, Happiness Engineer & Podcast Host

With 22 years of corporate success with Fortune 500 companies, Kal Aras helps individuals and...

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The Future of Brands in a Post-COVID-19 World


Late spring is when the chatter about “generations in the workplace” takes over my newsfeed. It makes sense, seniors are getting ready to graduate and executives need to know what they are in for with “this generation”. And, every year it is pitched as “something new” or “something impossible” or…well you get the idea - you’ve read the articles.

What’s often not talked about is WHY is this generation the way they are? WHAT...

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How to Build a Steady Stream of Referrals Right Now


It’s easy to assume that your clients will refer you—after all they chose to do business with you and we all know you are AH-MAZ-ING! Right?!?!

Yeah, not so much.

Just because your clients chose to do business with you, doesn’t mean they will refer you. That is a fact.

You already know that a customer will share a bad experience with a company at three times the rate of a positive experience. So first a client has to have liked doing business with you—that’s...

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The Cheat-sheet for How to Write Successful Headlines


Why do you always have such great titles?

[Me] Because that’s what I do.

Why can’t I create titles like that?

[Me] You can

I can?!?!?!

[Me] Yup!

While the rules for search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing optimization (SMO) are always changing, there are some tried and true psychological strategies that you can use when you create headlines (or titles) for your articles, blog posts, and YouTube videos to name a few.

Remember, no matter what you do online and...

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