How Your Explainer Video Can Beat the Competition


If there is one aspect of our business promotion tactics that we could all benefit from learning, it's the explainer video. It's a simple way to convey your brand's identity, credibility and ultimately build trust with your target audience. But what do you need to incorporate to generate that trust between the business and the individual?

A Clear Narrative of Your Expertise

A company that has evident expertise gained from experience within the industry or qualification can be an instant way to give that notion of peace that every customer is after. This is particularly important with smaller businesses because it has a lot more to lose. If you can show a customer your expertise in relation to how you are a trustworthy provider, but also how you will keep a customer at ease for example through preventing fraud, you will instantly offer that grounding that gives them peace of mind. Having a solid fraud solution is something we can greatly underestimate, but we have to remember that it's all about building that narrative to showcase how we are an expert, not just in the service or product, but in the industry.

Production Values

Naturally, a great explainer video should have excellent production values. There is that temptation to let the product or service speak for itself, however, this can be detrimental to our overall explainer video quality. It is critical to understand that production values with high-quality visuals and sound that align with our identity will instantly put a customer into the right mindset. We have to remember that if the customer is not able to get past the fact that there is an issue with the sound or the color scheme looks off because you didn't do a white balance before you started filming, this can be a major barrier that will stop them from purchasing from you. Make sure that you at least have an understanding of high-quality pre-production and post-production values as well as know how to run the shooting day efficiently.

Showcase Real People

Storytelling is vital to how you put across your identity that resonates with your audience, and when you share your business journey this can create an emotional connection. However, it needs to be done by showcasing the real transparent aspects of your business. These could include case studies but also introducing key team members and showing how they fit into your business in a natural manner can work wonders. This will humanize your company and make it more relatable.

Keep it Short

Any great video needs to be short and engaging. You need to grab the viewer's attention as soon as possible and maintain their interest. For this reason alone, your video length should be two minutes maximum. We need to make sure that attention spans are catered for, and when you start to create content that is short and snappy, this doesn't just help you to keep their attention, but it also contributes to a better brand in the long run.

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