5 Questions to Determine If Your Brand Needs an App


If you're looking for more ways for people to engage with your company and make the process easier all around, designing an app can answer all of your issues. With over 90% of consumers accessing the internet via mobile, giving them the option of using an app over accessing your mobile website can be a good investment.

Did you know over 50% of small businesses have a dedicated app for either internal or external business communications and purchases, are you really being left behind? The reality is that not every single small to medium-sized business needs an app; however, in the right circumstances, it can be a valuable asset to have.

But before you jump into the process of creating an app, make sure it is something you really need, and you know precisely how to go about bringing it from idea to fruition.

Do You Need An App?

Before you do anything else, ask yourself, do you really need an app? What would be the purpose of an app? What value would it add to your business, who is the target demographic, and how will it serve your business in the future? Ask the hard questions before diving into developing the app to avoid wasting money and ensure you know the reason why you are doing what you want to do.

Is There A Demand?

Market research again is vital in this instance. The old adage "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" can apply here. Anyone can develop an app, but not everyone needs to, and it can be a massive investment with little to no return if there is no demand or no evidence it can help you to increase your revenue.

Who Will Build It?

Building an app shouldn't be done cheaply, nor should inexperienced developers be charged with designing a fully functional mobile app. You need to hire app developers who have experience in building apps in your niche and have proven success in delivering results. You can choose to hire a freelance developer or work with an outsourced team to develop your app.

Native or Hybrid?

You need to determine if your app will be for Apple or Android or if you want to develop a hybrid app that can work on both platforms. Creating two different apps taking into account the nuances of Apple and Android usability, can give you an altogether better experience but knowing where the demand is greater can give you an idea of which one to develop first if you don't want to do both at once.

Build Time

Building an app is split into four parts: Discovery, Design, Development, and Pre-Launch. These sections can take time to implement, and a successful app can take anywhere from 7 to 12 months to perfect. Allowing yourself time to go through this process without rushing and being patient can afford better results and get you the app you need without any issues upon launch. If you don't have this time to commit, you might find yourself with a subpar product that isn't completely fit for purpose and causes more issues than it fixes.

And to Wrap This Up…

Building an app can be a valuable asset for your small to medium business, but thinking carefully about why you need an app and how it will benefit employees or consumers can help you to make the right decisions and not go through a process that might not even pay off when you need it to.

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