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What is a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer?

A Virtual CMO is someone with the ability to work with you to reveal your business goals, design the strategy, programs, and operations you need to reach them, and then execute – all without having to hire and manage full-time staff.

A Virtual CMO can save your reputation and increase your revenue. According to Hubspot, it is estimated that a company can save up to 74 percent from hiring a Virtual CMO verse a full-time employee. Without a fancy title and all the overhead of a full-time CMO, you can still have the same level of expertise and results. The average salary for a full-time CMO can be up to $170,000 a year.

Thanks to technologies like video conferencing, project management tools, and online software, you are not confined to local talent and can expand your search parameters to find the right person anywhere in the world.

With 20 years of experience in brand building, marketing, digital marketing, marketing operations, and as a board and executive advisor, Melanie Asher, MBA can help you fill the strategic and execution gaps, ensuring you don’t fall further behind the competition. Let’s chat.

 I Want a Virtual CMO

I Know My Company Better Than Anyone. Why Would I Need a Virtual CMO?

Yes, you know your business and your market, but you have a company to run.

Fast-growing businesses and organizations rarely have a senior executive focused on strategic marketing. Marketing is usually a set of tasks executed when the need seems to arise, often by whoever is available. Then, when marketing initiatives are not driving as many sales opportunities as expected, the leaders wonder why. The reason is simple—there are gaps. The gaps may be in the overall strategy, execution, or the lack of one or both of those.

But is the only solution a full-time Chief Marketing Officer? That’s awfully expensive and for most small-and-midsized businesses truly overkill which is why a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer is a good fit for you.

This is not about one-size-fits-all marketing: “let’s run a bunch of Facebook ads”, which doesn’t even consider your market and your goals for your business. It isn’t about doing what the marketer likes best or the newest fad. Marketing success is all about understanding the fundamentals, knowing current trends, creating an intelligent strategy, and executing it to maximize your marketing ROI. At a price point that makes sense for smaller businesses.

The economy, market, and technology continue to change faster and faster than ever before, how you attract customers needs to change with it. Knowing how to effectively reach those customers can be the difference between your business surviving and thriving.

A Virtual CMO will analyze what is working and what isn’t so you can adapt and change as needed. A Virtual CMO will ensure you stay focused on your brand’s goals and how to achieve them.

 I Need a Virtual CMO

Do I Really Need a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer?

  • If you want what the “big guys” have at a fraction of the price of a full-time executive, then yes. Let’s chat.
  • If you’re tired of one-size-fits-all marketing that doesn’t adapt and change, and never feels like it works for your business, then yes. Let’s chat.
  • If your marketing initiatives are not driving as many sales opportunities as expected, then yes. Let’s chat.
  • If you've hired a diversity consultant and want your market to know the amazing work you're doing, then yes. Let’s chat.

 Yes, I Need a Virtual CMO

How Do I Choose the Right Virtual CMO for me?

It’s simple and comes down to three criteria: your budget, professional expertise, and culture fit.

  • Budget: This one is straightforward. You probably already have an idea of what you want to spend on marketing. Your budget for a Virtual CMO will need to be factored into this along with a designated amount for ads.
  • Professional Expertise: While anyone can call themselves a Virtual CMO with limited experience and with so many people now working remotely, there will be a difference in the results that you get when you work with someone who has experience aligned with your goals.
  • Culture-fit: You probably don’t realize how often you’ll be working with your Virtual CMO. Anytime there is a marketing, customer experience, or sales question your Virtual CMO should be the first person you call. You and your Virtual CMO will also need to be able to share uncomfortable truths with each other—After all, the first step toward solving a problem is recognizing that you have one. The more open you can be with each other, the better your chances are of finding solutions.

 I'm Ready for a Virtual CMO

What’s the Difference Between a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer and a Marketing Firm?

One of the biggest hurdles that executives run into when communicating with a marketing agency is that they don’t know how to explain what they really hope to achieve. When you can’t communicate what you want, it leaves both you and them frustrated and results harder to achieve.

A Virtual CMO knows the lingo, and can accurately explain your goals and the way you hope to get there. This means that you can focus on the aspects of your business you love without worrying.

 I Need a Virtual CMO

What’s the Difference Between a Virtual CMO and a Fractional CMO?

From an SEO perspective, nothing. Virtual CMO, Fractional CMO, Interim CMO, On-Demand CMO, and Outsourced CMO are all terms that are used interchangeably. Virtual, On-Demand and Fractional are newer terms based on today’s business environment. Interim and Outsourced are more traditional terms and may carry some “traditional” stereotypes of old white men.

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Regardless of the service that is right for you, we focus on designing and executing marketing programs tailored to your business and training your team on the basis of sound business intelligence, neuromarketing, and the art of creativity, to ensure your marketing stays focused and effective no matter what happens with the economy.

Omicle delivers brand clarity, marketing strategy, and operational efficiency to prepare leaders to scale their business. If you are ready to scale your business, contact us today to get started.

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