Where is the Best Place to Publish My Articles? LinkedIn or Your Blog


Every expert will have a different take on this. My answer is “it depends.” What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve? What are you going to be sharing? Those questions and a few others will influence the actual advice I would give you, but generally here is my advice.

All original content should go on your personal or company blog first. From an SEO perspective, the search engines give credit to websites that regularly produce original content. Why would you want to give that credit to another website? Driving views to your own website can be challenging enough as is.

Then, put a reminder on your calendar for three months later. Take that same content and update at least 25 percent of it with new information or updated examples. Share this piece with a new title on LinkedIn. I’ve heard that you can do this is early as two weeks later, but I don’t agree because then you miss out on building your site with “timeless” content that people can reference time and time again (which builds you as a reliable resource to the search engines). It also depends on your marketing strategy.

Content on the LinkedIn feed receives about 9 billion impressions per week, but only 3 million users (out of the more than 500 million) share content on a weekly basis. This means that only about 1% of LinkedIn’s 260 million monthly users share posts, and those 3 million or so users net the 9 billion impressions. LinkedIn drives more than 50% of social traffic to B2B sites and is considered the most credible source of content.

Ok, those are some big numbers and it is really easy to be seduced by numbers. But let’s add a reality check to this. Those are overall numbers, not individual, and not guaranteed—meaning that your articles will not be seen by three million users. LinkedIn has an algorithm that filters all content. A key element to that algorithm is how much you engage with others and how much others engage with you. It also gives LinkedIn the credit for your original content instead of your site and LinkedIn can change its algorithm at any time which will change how many people are given organic access to your content and you have no control over that!

So, my general advice without knowing your overall marketing strategy is this:

  • Original content goes on your blog
  • 3 months later, update 25%
  • Post on LinkedIn

I know, this sounds ridiculous to start, but once you get in the groove, you will have a steady stream of content that you can repurpose and leverage for multiple social media platforms which ultimately reduces the time you spend creating content.

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