How You Update and Modernize Your Brand Now


While there are elements of a brand that need consistency, the overall strategy of building a brand needs flexibility. Your customers, the market, our society, and our culture are not the same as they were—and are not the same as what they will be in the future. Needs change. Wants and desires change, and your brand needs to be able to adapt.

Luckily, modernizing your brand online isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here are just a few tips to help you get started.

The Art of Social Media

Let's face it, in the modern-day, if you don't have a social media account, you're out of the loop. Everything now happens on social media or on a social-based platform. You could easily cash in on these swathes of potential customers by building your own social media profile, as it's the ideal way to spread the word about your brand without having to spend a fortune in the process. Though, don’t confuse “free to sign up” with “free to maintain”. I can assure you; they are not one and the same and your results will show it.

Some current trends include video, video, engaging with clients via chat platforms, selling through social platforms, and oh did I say video? Remember, each platform has its own algorithm and best practices so take the time to educate yourself about those.

Build A User-Friendly Website 

Over the last few years, there have been debates that came and went—do I need a website when everything happens on social? Well, the resounding answer still is “yes”. Algorithm’s change. Profile’s change. User expected behavior changes. And, you own none of that—the social platforms own and control all of it. You can however own your own site, its content and collect your client data.

COVID through e-commerce into hyperdrive and hyper-adoption. A large percentage of people now prefer to shop exclusively online to ensure their safety, save time, or reduce unnecessary purchases.

Owning your own website offers several advantages, including that the internet never 'closes', so you can receive orders at any time from anywhere in the world! Making sure that your website is user-friendly and visually appealing increases your click-through and conversion rates. If you need assistance with the website department then seek out an experienced digital marketing agency to handle the task on your behalf.

The Behind the Scenes of an Awesome Website

Owning your own website also gives you control of what you do for SEO (search engine optimization). It’s no secret that the online world has become a “pay-to-play” environment. If you can’t control your own settings and strategies, then you can’t leverage any version of organic reach.

Yes, there is debate about whether “organic reach” is still a thing. But again, COVID had many companies cutting their marketing budgets because of market uncertainty, there is a strong push for organic strategy and implementation. I’m already seeing a shift from “how much should we budget for online ads” to “what can we achieve without ads”.

Go Mobile or Go Home

If your website doesn’t have an SSL or isn’t mobile-friendly, well you’re just wasting your time and money. Mobile views of websites are continuing to rise—it’s all about convenience. The general rule of thumb is consumers see something about your business on a social media platform that interests them, they scroll your business profile first, go to your website for more information, and then search reviews about your business or product.

Know Your Market

Online marketing is often sold to businesses as the golden ticket to growth and success. The reality is unless you know and are crystal clear about your market, you’re going to get lost in the haystack that is the internet. The algorithms favor specifics and less is more when it comes to targeting your audience. Not everyone needs what you offer—even if they do, not everyone is a good fit for you.

There’s also a difference between your site being mobile-friendly and a mobile app. Does your business actually need an app or not. This is one of those areas where having something just because “it’s cool” could get very costly very quickly and then having it produce next-to-no results is even worse. So, before you choose to build an app, make sure you need one, have a specific purpose for your clients, and be sure that it provides repeat value.

Profitable Podcasts

If online marketing is “the golden ticket” then starting a podcast is “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”. The podcast market is continuing to explore and it seems like everyone has one. They are an amazing platform for letting your audience really get to know you. Podcasts have the ability to do it in a way that is completely different and more personal than other outreach efforts. Just be forewarned that they take a lot of work, time, and planning. Right now, the long-term rewards are extremely favorable but are you willing and able to put the work into it in the short term.

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