Effectively Boost the Success of Your Go-To-Market Strategy with RevOps


A successful Go-to-Market Strategy unifies and streamlines the brand experience between a potential client through a repeat client and the processes between marketing, sales, and customer experience so well together that you can't tell where the one starts and the other stops.

It’s a practical path for creating alignment to go from launch to transform without losing momentum and stalling out somewhere along the way. A Go-to-Market Strategy is a foundation for building high-performing teams to scale your business at the highest ROI.

Go-to-Market connects your organization strategy to your client outcomes, helping clients realize the dream that the company was built on while enjoying the benefits that the dream promises to deliver.

Ok I get it, this sounds like good old-fashioned marketing theory, the 4P’s to be exact—what’s new and how is it relevant today?

The central link to all these functions is what is now being called Revenue Operations, or RevOps for short. I know…just when you thought you had all the business models figured out, the world turns and adds yet another. RevOps solves a major, and common, issue—miscommunication and inconsistent data across teams. Its goal is to achieve better go-to-market alignment.

Unfortunately for many businesses, marketing, sales, and client experience teams often become siloed and isolated from one another. They often use different technologies, have different goals, and can even start competing against each other. This is exactly what’s caused the rise of Revenue Operations. While there isn’t a universal structure for a RevOps team, it is usually comprised of any team or department that generates revenue from operations such as SalesOps, specific positions for Marketing Ops (or MarOps), or Customer Service. The RevOps model places a new team in the middle to coordinate cross-department communication and make sure that everyone’s goals are aligned.

Let’s be clear on one thing, your organization strategy is not your Go-to-Market Strategy. Instead, it operates in the service of the organization's strategy to drive your business forward faster and further—reliably and repeatedly. Instead of each department focusing on their individual departments, everyone works together to create an effective business model for the entire company. To put it another way, Go-to-Market is the strategy, while RevOps is the method of managing it so it’s successful.

The Boston Consulting Group found that companies that adopted this approach have achieved benefits like:

  • Digital marketing ROI increases from 100% to 200%
  • 10% increase in lead acceptance
  • 15% to 20% increases in internal customer satisfaction
  • 30% reductions in go-to-market expenses

You can definitely make use of a RevOps team, but if you don’t know exactly where to start, we can help! Omicle delivers brand clarity, marketing strategy, and operational efficiency to prepare leaders to scale their business. If you are ready to scale your business, contact us today to get started.

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