Working At The Office or At Home?

In interviewing various companies about social media, I have come across a couple virtual companies or “Alternative Workplace Strategies” if you want a technical name for it. No this is not a new concept and as time goes by it is becoming more widely accepted, even encouraged according to a survey co-conducted by Microsoft.

“The first reason is about people — the ability to attract and retain talent and provide a better work-life balance by enabling employees the flexibility to work remotely. Second, improving productivity and collaboration,” said Katherine Randolph, director, unified communications for Redmond-based Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), in a statement.

Although, as remote working becomes more of the norm, that does open the potential of a new industry. This new industry would have the environment of a coffee shop, but encourage people to stay and work for hours. What a great way to spend the day out, get work done and potentially meet your next big client in a casual and inviting environment. It would be a hit, but how will they make money?

What do you think?
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