Amazing Customer Service--You Are Not That Special

Being new to the west coast, there are all kinds of new stores and experiences to be had. Overall, I am amazed at how there IS customer service here. At first it was kind of creepy, because I was not use to it. I talk about it, I promote it, I do my best to live it, but in the end customer service is the experience you have whenever you walk into or work with a company. That being said, the eastern part of the country has nothing on the west.

My husband and I were asked what we thought about the customer service shortly after we got here. The people that asked laughed when we told them our thoughts. They are also from the east coast and were sharing their initial impressions to the Seattle area, followed by “They are this nice to everyone! It’s not you. You are not that special.

Needless to say we got a good laugh from that and it has become a running joke between us. Regardless of why the companies have better customer service, the fact is they do!
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