Economy Changes, What Do I Do?!

What is going on in the media is great example of ‘jumping on the bandwagon.’ Every time I turn around there is another story about how the economy is plummeting. No one knows what to do about it and everyone has an opinion on how to fix it. Since this topic alone could be a series of books at best, I will narrow my focus to businesses and ‘What should we do to get through these times?’

When times are good and the economy is booming, we are too busy to work on our business and fix the things that need fixed. When times are rough, we go into panic mode: we NEED business now and need to cut all costs. Extremes in any case are never good.

I invite you to welcome these times! Yes you still need to get business to stay afloat, but instead of only focusing on that, utilize this time to strengthen your culture and improve your systems and processes. This is also a great time to begin having company meetings.

Your employees are your greatest asset!
Customer Service is Expected
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