Truth Bomb: You Will Fail in Marketing and It's OK.


It’s true, 90% of all B2B companies market in pretty much the same way. It goes something like this:

  • Make a product/service

  • Talk a lot about their product/service

  • Produce a load of boring content and collateral to sell their product/service

  • Use various techniques to attempt to stand out and cut through the noise

  • Use a variety of channels and platforms like advertising, email, or direct marketing, as well as social media to make people aware of their product/service

  • Build a sales funnel and manage and nurture prospects through the funnel

  • Expect double/triple-digit growth

  • Expect customers to come back for more

Sound familiar? Of course, it does, 90% of you reading this will be nodding your head and going “That's me. So, what's the problem?”

The art and science of marketing is not black and white. There are no guarantees that if you do X, Y will occur. What works for another organization may not work for you. What works for your competitor in the same industry, may not work for you.

There is no single marketing solution that has ever been available, at scale, to meet the goals of every company, in every industry, at every time of year, and any number of other variants you would like to add in there. Now you’re probably thinking, “We don’t need or want one that works for everyone. We just want one that is guaranteed to generate revenue for me, in my industry, at every time of year.

Is that too much to ask?”

I hate to break it to you but guaranteed marketing success simply does not exist. The myth that a brand can spend to run a campaign and obtain consistent and growing results set smart teams up with the wrong outlook and expectations.

“Failure is inevitable, so the key to success is to be good at learning from it. The ability to capitalize on hard-won experience is a hallmark of the greatest organizations.” Robert I. Sutton

You need to anticipate the failure of your marketing strategies. By anticipating failure, you are giving yourself permission to give up on an idea and move on to the next. The approach becomes one of failing fast forward to get to success. If we are not emotionally hung up on “the greatest idea ever”, then we can keep moving forward until we know we’ve found a winner.

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