News Release: Book Hammers Home Corporate Culture Message for Construction Industry

Bothell, Wash. –A new book, “CONTRACTORS: Doing It Right Not Just Getting It Done,” offers real-world advice to help managers in the construction industry build a corporate culture geared to success. The book provides a comprehensive look at how external branding programs and a strong corporate culture help construction companies overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

While it’s no secret that companies with strong cultures generally outperform companies that don’t, the construction industry has lagged behind. Recently a growing number of companies are working hard to change that and raise the bar to create a more respected industry and implement a focused mission, values and vision.

Melanie DePaoli, author of “CONTRACTORS: Doing It Right Not Just Getting It Done,” and an expert in innovative branding strategies, wrote the book for companies in the construction industry with more than 15 employees after two years interviewing contractors nationwide. Researching these companies with a strong culture and brand provided insights into factors for success and pitfalls to avoid.

Highlights of the book include:
  • More than 30 companies participated—8 are featured
  • Common mistakes that undermine purpose and achievement
  • How to learn from others— their strengths, their ways of doing things and resolving issues, and integrate what you learned into your own company
  • If you want to be prepared as the economy turns around
  • A printable reference list of the highlights of the book
Some businesses, such as the construction industry, have particular nuances and very focused needs, so they require their own specific guidelines,” said DePaoli, founder of culture and branding firm, Omicle, LLC. “This book features real case studies that provide insights into how construction companies have worked through the challenges of tough economic times to turn around their businesses.”

Construction industry managers are already sounding the praises of CONTRACTORS: Doing It Right Not Just Getting It Done. “Mel DePaoli is an exceptional author and does a great job of explaining how the culture connects to the brand and vice-a-versa.” Bill Riggs of Riggs Construction

Iris Harrell of Harrell Remodeling said, “If I had been given this book to read and study when I started my remodeling business, I would be even further along in my business development. Allow this book to be your coach while building your business and learn to 'do it right—not just get it done'!

About Mel DePaoli and Omicle LLC

Mel DePaoli is an expert in innovative branding strategies and is the founder of culture and branding firm, Omicle, LLC, based in Bothell, Washington. Omicle helps companies create sustainable success from understanding how the best people, the right processes, the newest technology, and good clients influence each other. Omicle specializes in working with companies in the construction industry who have 15+ employees. For more information, call 425.877.1109, email, or visit
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