Stebnitz Builders is Included in a Book Benchmarking The Construction Industry

How can you tell if your contractor is the right one for you? How do you know that they have the knowledge to not only professionally complete a remodeling project on your home, but have the business knowledge and experience to stand behind their work? Thanks to Stebnitz Builders, author Mel DePaoli and other contractors across the country, the answers to these questions are found in the newly-released book, CONTRACTORS: Doing It Right Not Just Getting It Done.

The book is the result of two years of interviewing contractors nationwide who have a strong culture and brand. As a result of this connection, the selected contractors are considered to be leaders in their industry. The book is a comprehensive look at key elements of success for these companies that have coordinated their external branding programs with the development of a strong corporate culture.

“Working with Mel on her book was a perfect fit for Stebnitz Builders,” said Chris Stebnitz, president of Stebnitz Builders. “We have spent a considerable amount of time and resources ensuring that our business systems support a memorable experience for our clients. Our work with the book gave us insight in to things we had done very well to this point and reinforced our efforts for continual improvement.”

As a professional remodeler working in and around Walworth County for nearly 40 years, Stebnitz Builders specializes in all phases of residential remodeling from major, whole-house projects to small repairs and general maintenance tasks. As a third generation company, this expertise has been passed along and built upon to create a financially-sound and technically excellent remodeling company. After initial interviews with Stebnitz, DePaoli invited Stebnitz to lend their experience to the making of the book.

Omicle LLC based in Seattle, WA helps companies create sustainable success from understanding how the best people, the right processes, the newest technology, and the most clients influence each other. Omicle specializes in working with companies in the construction industry who have 15+ employees.

Mel DePaoli is an author, speaker and expert in innovative branding strategies and is the founder of culture and branding firm, Omicle, LLC. For more information on Stebnitz Builders, visit their website at or call them at (262) 728-8027.
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News Release: Book Hammers Home Corporate Culture Message for Construction Industry