Looking to Achieve Results-Here Are 8 Tips

Here are some strategies that companies practice to achieve results. Here are eight ideas for you:
  1. Small group/team meetings to provide new employees with lunch 'n learn style background, through discussion, of company values, culture, client overviews, competitor analyses, professional development skills training, etc.
  2. Quarterly or more frequent all-hands meetings in one location with video conferencing for remote staff.
  3. Internal listservs pushing out periodic information
  4. Internal employee "Craig's list style" forums for personal info sharing, not of a business nature, to separate the two yet still provide employees a method through which to communicate and strengthen interpersonal relationships with co-workers, colleagues, etc.
  5. Informal social gatherings to build employee relationships that would strengthen potential outcomes in future interactions on cross-team, cross-functional projects
  6. Sharing progress reports on planning that's underway, collecting employee feedback into ideas and eventually conducting meetings to share/explain/review the final plans developed by management, etc.
  7. Off-site trips to resort locations for work-reward style meetings among senior managers/company leadership, etc.
  8. Buddy Programs/Mentor programs for line of business employees and executive-level company leaders who have mentoring built-into their responsibilities and reviews, etc.
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